To the woman who called me today . . . from # (888) 978-7818

I promise, after this week, I will be back to regularly scheduled programming. But just now, I have a PSA to post about a particular scammer that I tangled with today.

They called my cell phone seeking someone who is related to me. The first time, they left a voice mail; the second, I answered but they hung up immediately (in fact, my phone registered it as a missed call); the third time, another voice mail. Both voice mails stated they were from “Linda Garcia” and that this relative had a bounced check and it was going to court (they knew what city he lives in), and that he needed to call them about his rights before it went to court. The second one gave his address (I don’t know that it really IS his address, to be honest) and said the subpoena would be sent out unless he called them by 3pm.

When I called them back, someone answered and I asked to speak to Linda Garcia. The person who answered immediately asked what it was about. I said this was about a phone number that was not related to one of her cases and — that was as far as I got. He assured me the number would be deleted from the file. I asked for the company name; he said he couldn’t give me that information. I asked again to speak to Linda Garcia. He kept repeating, over my voice, that my number would be removed. Didn’t even ask for the “case number!”

I called back 3 times. The first and second time, he hung up. The third time, he didn’t even answer, just transferred me.

The woman who answered was EXTREMELY RUDE.To the point of being ludicrous. When I asked repeatedly for the name of the company, she repeatedly refused to give it to me. She would not give me her name. She would not transfer me to Linda Garcia. She would not say if she was Linda Garcia or not. I wouldn’t either, if I was a piece of slime like that, but hey. You gotta try.

Finally, I’d had enough and said, “Look. If this shows up on my credit report in any way, I WILL find out who you are and I WILL sue you,” and hung up. SHE CALLED ME RIGHT BACK. The first words out of her mouth were, “You do NOT threaten me and then hang up on me!” Real professionals, these guys. Then, “How dare you call me and harass me and my people at our place of business?” Really? How dare YOU, madam, to call and harass me on my personal cell phone? How dare YOU scam people out of money that they actually earned? How dare you bilk people out of money that they earned with a — gasp! — REAL JOB?

She accused me of lying and threatening them; she would NOT give me the name of the company — finally after many, many demands, she said, “It’s BHA. B as in Boy, H as in Hill, and A as in attitude, which you are giving me right now and I don’t appreciate it!”

By the way, Madam Rude, here’s the definition of “facetious,” since you clearly don’t know it: “treating serious issues with deliberately inappropriate humor; flippant.” If you can explain to me just how I was being flippant today, please, I invite you to do so here and now, on this blog. I was being many things, but trust me, “flippant” wasn’t even in the Top Ten. I was angry. Belligerent. Verbose. Frustrated bordering on furious. But not facetious, thank you.

How do these people sleep at night? Seriously. I invite – no, I dare – anyone in the scamming industry to come here, to this blog, and post a response to this question. How do you sleep at night? How can you live with yourself, look your kids in the eye, go to work every day, with a clear conscience? Do you simply have no soul? Has it been burned out of you? Is that part of your initiation process into the world of scamming, something that happens when you go through job training? Do you go to church every week and lie to those around you?

How do you sleep at night? Seriously. How can you sleep at night knowing that the only way in which you make money is to scam people who go out, get an education, find a job, and EARN theirs? How can you sleep at night, knowing that the money in your bank account is illegally gained? Let’s call it what it is: it’s stolen. Bilked. Scammed. From people who earned it.

How do you sleep at night? On sheets purchased with illegal money? In a house purchased with illegal money? Do you buy your kids’ school clothes with that same money? Your car? Your morning coffee?

I hope this has helped at least one person know that this number is nothing more than a scam, and I REALLY hope that this helps bring these people down. And I will be interested to see if anyone does take me up on my dare.