Photo Challenge: Liquid

A few years ago, my photography club went to the local state lake to do some shooting. For once, the waterfall was in action. It was the first time I’d ever seen it, and I’m afraid I may have gotten carried away! It was so cool down on the river – we had to watch for snakes, of course, but the spray of the water, the mud sucking at our shoes, the roar over which we could just barely hear the birdsong – it was incredibly peaceful and beautiful.


waterfall 15vg bw

Photo Challenge: Awakening

Let’s face it:  this challenge was made for spring.

Of course, today we’re having snow, rain, and bitterly cold winds in Kansas, so I have to look back to earlier times for this week’s challenge!

flowers 13

This lovely spiderwort was perfect for this bee last year. 🙂

flowers 9 vg

And I always know spring is finally here when the wild roses begin blooming. I wish they lasted longer than they do.

Photo Challenge: Story

This challenge was a challenge – I’m firmly of the opinion that most good photos tell a story at heart. The problem is, it’s usually the photographer who knows the story. It’s only those really great, rare photos that can convey an entire story to anyone, with almost no context.

Still, the rest of us mere mortals can try. 🙂 A few weeks ago, I went to a nearby town, where there’s an old hotel. After it’s hotel days were done, it became an antiques shop for a while before being abandoned. But as you can see, abandoned doesn’t mean empty.

hotel 2 g

Questions arise. Why were these things abandoned? Who owned them?

What will happen to them?

hotel 1

Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme

This will be a little odd for this week’s, but it sort of fits.

The 14th Street Bridge has served Winfield since 1928. For thousands of 4-H kids, it’s served as a rite of passage – to cross the bridge pulling a livestock trailer is scary! For thousands of Bluegrass fans, it’s served as a gateway to the best month of the year.

bridge 8

bridge 8 g

But this was its last weekend. Tomorrow, demolition starts, and the last awesome, historic, beautiful bridge left in Winfield will be a memory.

bridge 3

Happily, there was a group of people who weren’t going to let it go quietly. On Saturday, a group of classic car enthusiasts gathered to take a “Last Drive” across the bridge, and send her out in style.

drive 12

Model A’s and T’s, 1950s Chevies . . . all came out to pay their respects a final time.

drive 14 vg


Photo Challenge: Weathered

The weather changes constantly in Kansas, taking its toll on everything. This old fence post is one I’ve photographed many times, in many different lights. I love the grain of the wood, the knots, the way the barbed wire blends in perfectly with the silvery-black wood.

post 2


This old bridge is one of the eighteen stone arch bridges of Cowley County, KS (where I live – we had 19 until last fall). This is Timber Creek Bridge, built c. 1920 and still used daily by the locals. As you can see, it’s quite weathered, however – you certainly don’t want to take a very heavy load across! – but it’s still standing.

bridge 3

Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorites

storm 12 vg

I know this may seem like an odd choice for my 2017 favorite, but . . . oh well!

This photo was taken in August. A severe thunderstorm had just blown through the area; when it was gone, there was just enough daylight left to go out and take a few shots. It was one of those wild nights when the sun is fading fast, and the clouds scuttle across the sky . . . and I swung the camera around and clicked. The sepia tones, the movement, the drama – the second I saw this photo framed in the viewfinder, I knew it was good. I knew it. A month later, this photo took top honors in the first photography contest I’d ever entered.

Photo Challenge: Ascend

There are a lot of ways to interpret this week’s Challenge! But for me, living in the country, I immediately think of nature.

dandelion 1 good

The seeds of this dandelion are just waiting to ascend on the next wind, so I can photograph them again when they take root and produce new dandelions!

frog 2

I have NO idea how this frog ascended to this height! This pipe is about 8 feet off the ground, but one morning as I was feeding horses – there he was!

tree 1

The trumpet vines ascend everything, including the trees . . .

trumpet vines tree 1

. . . and when you’re really lucky, they provide some great shots!