Photo Challenge: Structure

dandelion 2

I love to shoot flowers in black and white. Sometimes we get caught up in the colors and forget to look at the intricate structures – as with this large dandelion.

rose of sharon 5

Or this Rose of Sharon.

zinnia 4 bw

Or this zinnia. In color, it’s a brilliant reddish-pink – but in black and white, we can see the structure of the petals, curled tight in the center, and gently unfolding near the edges.


Photo Challenge: Texture

Like most photographers, I’m interested in subject matter – and that subject matter is very rarely texture! It’s hard to capture the feel of something in a one-dimensional format. So finding some photos I thought would work was a bit difficult – hopefully, I’ve managed to convey the texture of the subjects.

leaf 1

Fall leaf curled against the trunk of a tree.

bayberry 7 vg

Ice on – okay, I don’t know what the plant’s called, but it’s common in Kansas!

lion head 1

Native limestone – the lions are gutter spouts, by the way! Our old high school.

thistle 1

And, of course, the juxtaposition of silky-soft and tough and spiky, from the thistle.

Photo Challenge: Focus

I hate photos that are out of focus! In fact, I delete them. But sometimes, the blurry background adds an accent to the foreground object. Then, it’s okay. 🙂

dandelion 3

This is a dandelion I shot a couple of months ago, on a very dewy morning. I loved the way the tiny droplets of water clung to the fragile stems.

flower 6

And this lovely little wildflower – weed? – was shot earlier this month. I thought it fit well with this week’s theme.

Photo Challenge: Cherry on Top

trumpet vines tree 1

Ha! Bet you thought I was going to post a photo of one of my cats, didn’t you? 🙂

This was taken a LONG time ago with my old Blackberry smart phone. It was early morning; there had been some fog and light rain all night long, and I went for my usual morning walk. There’s an old tree about two miles from my house that has trumpet vine growing up it, and just as I got there, the clouds started to part. The blue light contrasting with the orange flowers, the angle . . . it’s still one of my favorite photos, and the first photo I ever sold. I have tried to recreate many times with my ‘better’ Nikons, and I just can’t do it. It was one of those photos that cannot be recreated . . . a cherry on top.


Photo Challenge: Cheerful Trio

I took this a year ago, and it’s still one of my favorites. I found these wildflowers growing alongside the road when I was out on my morning walk, and they were so beautiful and cheerful, I had to save the moment. It’s a nice reminder that even though winter is coming, summer will eventually be here, too.

cheerful trio 2