Photo Challenge: Resilient

I had a couple of ideas for this week’s Photo Challenge – but as I’ve talked about my Baby Fiends quite a bit, I wanted to focus on one of my other rescues, Sonic.

This was basically my second look at Sonic, when I picked up him from the vet:


The first look was a glimpse of a scrawny kitten laying behind my local Sonic (a fast-food place in the US, if you’re not familiar with it). It was one of those days where it’s 95 degrees by 10am, and when I jumped out of my car to approach, he didn’t even raise his head, just barely meowed at me. I immediately rushed him to the vet, where he stayed a few days getting sub-Q fluids and undergoing flea treatment (Vet:  “An hour after I dosed her, there were probably 300 dead fleas in the crate. I think he’d have been dead in another couple of hours.”) He was severely dehydrated, overheated, underfed, and when I came back to get him – despite the fact that we’d bee together a total of 8 minutes in the car – he greeted me with a meow and a purr.

And just a few months later, this was my handsome boy. It’s amazing how resilient they can be with a little love – and food. 🙂


Photo Challenge: Quest

A couple of years ago, a member of our local camera club posted a few photos of this awesome old building he’d found while out driving back roads. We all begged him to give us directions – and we were all shattered when he said “I don’t know! I was just going down random roads . . .”

Which turned this mystery into a quest for several of us. And in rural Kansas, quests can be really cool and really dangerous at the same time. You just never know where you’ll end up, or when you’ll end up with a shotgun in your face.

Still . . . I found the building.


Today it’s an empty shell of a former church – but still beautiful. It reminds me of an old English church in the countryside – the Virginia creeper, the stonework.

window 10

The quest to find a nameless old building has turned into a love affair that still has several of us traveling to the site a few times a year to photograph it and just keep an eye on things. 🙂


Photo Challenge: Abstract

I’m learning a new camera. I’m not succeeding. But at least I get to pass off all the mistakes as candidates for this week’s Photo Challenge.

Close-up of a dandelion. I still don’t quite get the macro settings!

dandelion 2


The overhead bracings of an abandoned iron bridge.

abstract bridge