Photo Challenge: Walls

As a historian, there are two things that make me very sad.

The walls that soon won’t be:

house 5 vg

And the walls that no longer are.

gates 2

But there are the ones that are still holding on, with help.

tower 1

Top photo:  abandoned house near Ponca City, Oklahoma. December 2014.

Middle photo:  remnants of the White House, 101 Ranch, Marland, Oklahoma. December 2014.

Bottom photo:  old grain elevator (yes, made to look like a medieval tower),101 Ranch, Marland, Oklahoma. Dec. 2014. – there’s a photo of the White House on this site. It’s the 6th photo down. It was demolished in the 1930s, after the 101 Ranch went bankrupt. If you look at the second photo, an aerial shot of the ranch, the only thing left standing is the grain elevator.