Photo Challenge: Liquid

A few years ago, my photography club went to the local state lake to do some shooting. For once, the waterfall was in action. It was the first time I’d ever seen it, and I’m afraid I may have gotten carried away! It was so cool down on the river – we had to watch for snakes, of course, but the spray of the water, the mud sucking at our shoes, the roar over which we could just barely hear the birdsong – it was incredibly peaceful and beautiful.


waterfall 15vg bw

8 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Liquid

  1. Oh wow, what an amazing view! Looks like a wonderful place, and great photos! What state is that? We don’t have many snakes to watch out for here in Seattle. 🙂 I’m not sure how keen I’d be to go take photos if we did. So kudos to you!

    • Thank you! This is Kansas – we do have waterfalls here – at least,a few. 🙂 Lots of snakes, too – just found a 4′ black snake in the back yard yesterday, in fact!

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