Dear Trump . . . What’s Your Game?

Dear Trump:

What is your game?

No, seriously. I don’t get it, and I’m not the only one.You don’t want to be President. You’ve never shown the slightest indication – before last September, anyway – that you gave a damn one way or the other about America. Even if America fell tomorrow to ISIS, you would survive, cockroach-like, because that’s the only thing you care about:  yourself. You’d probably start building a series of poorly-made mosques, in fact.

You remind me of Sam Adams and John Hancock, and not in a good way. Like you, they were rabble-rousers. Too rich and too dandy to get their hands dirty, they helped create the Sons of Liberty. They inflamed the populace with rhetoric designed to turn them against the British Parliament and, eventually, King George III. Why? Because it suited them and their business interests to do so. They were smugglers. Businessmen, like yourself (except they didn’t go around screwing people by declaring bankruptcies on debt that they were perfectly capable of paying off). And so to protect those interests, they incited riots. Created propaganda. Encouraged their followers – the uneducated, illiterate, blue-collar workers of Boston and the area – to set fire to British customs houses, attack British soldiers, and tar and feather anyone who stood in their way.

In short, they were terrorist leaders. Only we won, so we call them patriots.

You terrify me, because you are everything that is WRONG with America. You can’t be President if you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about – and YOU DON’T. Here’s some examples:

The Mexican Wall. Let’s see. You want to build a wall between the US and Mexico, and make Mexico pay for it – which, by the way, the Mexican President has already said ‘fuck no’ to doing. Literally. Tell me:  how do you plan to make Mexico pay for it? There’s not one legal thing you can do to force them into it. You want to wage war against Mexico? Fine. Let’s spend billions of dollars and kill thousands more American soldiers to force Mexico to pay for a wall. That’s brilliant.

(And by the way, you might want to Google a dude called “El Chapo.” Walls mean nothing.)

ISIS and terrorism. As far as I’m aware, you have one plan:  carpet bomb ISIS. Again:  HOW? It would be like saying, “I’m going to kill all the Baptists in Kansas City by carpet-bombing them.” It doesn’t work that way, and if you knew the first damn thing about ISIS, you’d know it. There are approximately 35,000 ISIS members in the world. They embed themselves in cities like Aleppo and Baghdad, among the civilians. You can’t bomb them without killing civilians. Thousands of civilians. Civilians who hate ISIS as much as we do. Which will accomplish – let me think. Oh, yes. Not a damn thing that’s good for us. It’ll piss off the civilians. It’ll piss off the governments of the countries we’re bombing. It’ll piss off our allies. ISIS will use it as a recruiting tool. And how many ISIS members will we kill by carpet-bombing these cities? Hardly any. Certainly not enough to make the fallout worthwhile. How many people will flock to ISIS, though? Thousands. Maybe hundreds of thousands. Good luck with that plan.

Prejudice Against Muslims. Here’s a fact:  no one ever called you personally, or your offices, on September 11 to report that Muslims in New Jersey were cheering as the Twin Towers fell. Know how I know that? Because why the hell would they call you to report such a thing? The fact is, most Muslims hate ISIS. They hate everything it stands for. They hate how it twists the Q’ran and the hadiths, putting words where they don’t exist, trying to justify their takeover of the Middle East by making up their ‘religion’ as they go. And again, if you knew anything about Islam or ISIS, you’d know that. But that doesn’t further your agenda, does it, to educate yourself? Where’s the fun in that?

White Supremacy. Maybe you’re unaware of this little fact, but America has a long history with race problems. It started when we bought and kidnapped close to 12 million Africans, put them in chains, and forced them to come ‘work for us’ in America (to paraphrase a Texas textbook). And even after we abolished slavery with the 13th Amendment, it didn’t change things:  every single southern state passed Jim Crow laws that kept blacks segregated, kept them from voting, and kept them from exercising their legal rights – like protesting things they didn’t like.

I don’t care who you are or how bad your earpiece is:  when someone uses the words ‘white supremacy group’ in a sentence, you don’t equivocate by saying “I know nothing about white supremacists.” There’s no hair to split there. It’s a very – sorry to use this term – black and white issue.

Unless you truly do support white supremacy, that is.

And when I watch your rallies on TV, what do I see, time and time again, but your white supporters beating up black protesters. You claim to denounce David Duke and the Ku Klux Klan, but here’s the fact:  you are courting white supremacists. You are courting them the way Hancock and Adams courted those who hated the British. It suits your purposes, just as it suited theirs. You can claim to disavow them all you want. I can disavow any number of  things, like peanut butter. Doesn’t mean a damn thing. Because I still like peanut butter.

You don’t want to be President; you don’t want to work that hard. You don’t want to think that much. But you’re sure as hell having a grand time dividing this nation, stirring up old prejudices and hatreds that most of us thought were long gone – or at least, on their way out.

So again.

What’s your game?


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