Photo Challenge: Off Season

coaster 4

Nothing says “off season” more than an abandoned amusement park.

I took this last November – the last real remnant of the Joyland Amusement Park in Wichita, and probably the most recognizable:  the original wooden roller coaster. At this time, you could go up to the chain-link fence you see in the bottom of the photo, but you could not (legally, anyway) go inside.

As you can see, trees had taken over – the one shot I always wanted to get was standing on top of the coaster looking down that grade.

coaster 6

It suffered greatly in the last twenty years, with vandalism, bits stolen (a clown statue ended up in the home of a pedophile), and other parts salvaged to save them.

My camera club was trying to get permission to go inside, but storms in April destroyed the coaster entirely. I haven’t been up that way since. I try not to pass places that I’ve photographed when I know they’re gone. It’s just too sad.

coaster 1

4 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Off Season

      • I have the same problem with trees. The forest of my youth has been replaced with town homes, oversize houses and technology park. All under the name Luther Forest with street names like Thimbleberry Lane, Arrow Wood, Plum Poppy and such. I go out of my way to avoid the area. We would ride bikes to the woods, walk the path to the reservoir and swim. Saddens me watching it all being destroyed. I like progress just not when it destroys nature and areas that should be preserved. They are wondering why bear roam in the city and down the local roads every now and again never seeing the connection to their having taken away their environment. I still have hope for the area and wildlife. Some politicians are realizing and saving certain areas. It is a start.

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