Photo Challenge: Bridging Depth

I admit, I wasn’t sure what to post for this week’s challenge. Depth. I’m new to photography, so what “depth” means to me may not be what it means to anyone else.

Historic bridges are one of my favorite things to photograph. Some are still open and in use; others have been closed to traffic for ages. These are wonderful; it’s so easy to imagine my fourteen-year old character Nicky driving his 1916 Model T across them late at night, no headlights, just using the moonlight off the river below to keep in the middle of the span.

I like to stand in the middle of the bridges – if I can – and capture the depth of them leading away.

bridge 8 bw

The old bridge east of Blackwell — definitely not drivable these days! I have to photograph it in the winter; in the summer, it isn’t visible at all.

bridge 1 bw

The Chestnut Street Bridge east of Arkansas City. I took this on a foggy, slightly rainy morning as the sun was rising.

cedar vale bridge 3

The arch bridge east of Cedar Vale, built in the early 1930s. Still in use.


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