The Perils of Procrastination

I have to admit, this is one of those weeks when I feel I haven’t accomplished anything or have anything interesting to share! I haven’t written very much (though I did go back through old drafts and try to pick up the pieces of a novel) and I did meet with my writing group (which was, ahem, not exactly productive, especially since — cough — I’ve sort of started revisions and realize I have more to go before I can give the revised MS to my beta!).

I did go to some rummage sales and picked up some fantastic pieces for my store. Great vintage handkerchiefs and vintage gloves from the 1950s. I went to a local museum and did some research there — by the way, if you’re researching the 1921 Tulsa Race Riots, they have some unpublished photos at the Top of Oklahoma Museum in Blackwell, OK! I urged them to get them scanned and posted online for historians, but I’m not sure they actually will. Then I stopped at one of my “happy places,” Ashby’s Antique Mall in Blackwell, where I picked up some fantastic 1920s purses and a 1930s umbrella, and my personal favorite, a photo album with some sweet photos and a new mystery to solve. But that will have to wait a bit . . .

This week on PBS, “Secrets of the Dead” was about the Mona Lisa mystery. In it, they said that da Vinci hardly ever finished anything, even paintings, because he would get bored with them. Most of these were commissions, mind you! And he’d just walk away, or let one of his apprentices finish it up. I’m glad to know that someone as great as da Vinci had that habit. It makes me feel better about my own varied and — at times — oppositional interests.

Deep down, I know I’m procrastinating. I have a novel to finish. The last line came to me this week, as I was making a salad for supper. Chopping up the tomatoes and — there it was. I’ve been researching it. I’ve been reading the old drafts. I had a self-imposed deadline of August 1 to finish it. I doubt that is going to happen. So I’m burying myself in my online store and in research, to avoid the inevitable:  sitting down, slipping back into Nicky’s voice, and finishing his story, his way. Even this post is procrastination!

So here and now, I’m saying:  I’m going to actually write this week. I can’t pin myself down to how much, but I’m going to separate my draft into the three sections I know the novel needs, and that will help me see where I need to start marrying scenes and what needs to be be filled in. I also have some major structural changes to make to my other novel before Tuesday, when my beta expects to see it. And grading. And . . .


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