Why did I start this blog, anyway?

I don’t expect too much traffic at this stage of the game, but . . . I’ve felt for the last couple of years that there needs to be a blog written for college students, by someone “in the know.” Someone who’s been there, done that, and continues to be there and do that.

I’m an adjunct instructor — I teach part-time for three different colleges on a regular basis — and I teach both online and face to face classes. I’ve been teaching for almost eight years. And I’ve seen so many students come through all of my colleges who frankly just aren’t prepared to be there. Whether its taking on too much debt or not choosing the right classes, or having issues with projects or basic writing skills, or simply not understanding the ins and outs of college life, they struggle.  So in part, that’s why I wanted to start this blog — to see if I could help fill in the gaps there.

I don’t want to do this alone!!! 🙂 My hope is to have a lot of interaction — so if you’re reading this and you want to suggest a topic or you have a question, ping me or post a comment, and we’ll see what we can do. If you’re a teacher and there’s a topic you’re dying to talk about, let me know — I’d love to have a guest blogger! I’m hoping to convince some of my colleagues to be guests as well.

But there’s another side to this blog. My handle is KSWriterTeacher. I’m also a writer and photographer, and I’m very, very interested in current events and history (I teach history, after all, as well as Geography and Anthropology), and so all those will be themes in this blog as well. No, I don’t see any problems combining all my loves into one blog — at least, not yet, I don’t! 🙂 I’m hoping to be able to sort them out so if you’re only interested in the college-themed blogs, you can go to those, and if you’re following me on a regular basis, you won’t get bored by the same topic every week.

So thanks for reading! My goal is to post on Sunday mornings, so come back every week! 🙂

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